Travis Thompson is senior media coordinator at Denver Water. He serves as a spokesman, leads social media strategy, manages crisis communications and is a storyteller for TAP. As a proud Colorado native and CU-Boulder grad who grew up in an aviation household, the first half of his 10-year communication career was spent at Denver International Airport, talking about the scary blue horse, conspiracy theories and security lines. Now, Travis spends his nights responding to reporter calls and tweets about water main breaks for Denver Water, while pleading with his two nocturnal children to go to sleep — morphing him into an unapologetic coffeeholic. His workday consists of pestering countless Denver Water experts for numbers and sound bites. He spends his free time outdoors with his wife and those aforementioned two extremely active children, leading to many shameless plugs of his family scattered throughout TAP and Denver Water’s social media channels.

The South Platte River, pictured here, is part of Denver Water's southern collection system and provides moderately hard water.

The ‘hard’ truth about soft water

July 27, 2017 | By: Travis Thompson

Before purchasing a water softener for your home, get the facts on Denver’s water hardness, or lack thereof.