Travis Thompson is the communications manager at Denver Water, a role that centers around TAP. As managing editor for the news site, he oversees the wide variety of articles, videos and graphics that are produced by an amazing team of storytellers. The engaging, creative and timely pieces ultimately set the foundation for Denver Water’s external and internal communication strategies. Before coming to Denver Water to field reporter calls and tweets about main breaks (typically before dawn), drought and snowpack, he spent his days talking about the scary blue horse, conspiracy theories and security lines at Denver International Airport. He spends his free time outdoors with his wife and two extremely active children and black lab, Jeremy, leading to many shameless plugs of his family scattered throughout TAP and Denver Water’s social media channels.

Brain Holcomb, meter reader, steps outside of his vehicle to inspect a meter pit.

The Pac-Man of water

March 23, 2018 | By: Travis Thompson

From walking to driving to data in the cloud — the evolution of meter reading and its benefit to customers.