Cathy Proctor

Cathy Proctor is a new addition to Denver Water and the TAP team as a writer and editor. But she’s very familiar with the organization and its storied role in the history of Denver and Colorado from her years covering Denver Water as part of her beat at the Denver Business Journal. There, as an award-winning reporter, Cathy told stories about the people and the issues that make up in the business side of the state’s energy, transportation and natural resources sectors. She can chatter for hours about megawatts of electricity, barrels of oil, cubic feet of natural gas, acre-feet of water, miles of highway and the environmental, financial, social and political aspects of each. You’ve been warned.

Skeeterz buzzin’ you?

September 19, 2019 | By: Cathy Proctor

Get the lowdown on the bloodsuckers, and what you can do to reduce their numbers.

A graphic image showing gears turning together.

Denver’s tap transcends city limits

September 9, 2019 | By: Cathy Proctor, Jamie Reddig

Learn about the partnerships that provide water to 700,000 people outside of the Mile High City.