Life is better with water

Denver Water celebrates all that water brings to life with new advertising campaign.

March 11, 2020 | By: Cathy Proctor
A girl smiles in a rain shower.
This image, from Denver Water’s new ad campaign, shows how “Life is better with water.” The campaign looks at the many things, including joy, that water brings to our lives. Image credit: Denver Water.


Editor’s note: Since this story was posted, the campaign has pivoted in response to events surrounding COVID-19 to focus on the life-giving power of water and how essential it is to our lives.

Do you remember when Denver Water asked customers to “Use Only What You Need?”

That 10-year advertising campaign, launched a few years after the 2002 drought that reduced water levels in storage reservoirs statewide, urged customers to reduce the amount of water they used in their everyday lives.

And it worked. By the time the campaign ended in 2015, water use by Denver Water’s customers had dropped 22% compared to usage before the 2002 drought.

Denver Water’s new campaign, launching this month with its advertising agency Pure Brand, takes a broader look at water and the issues around it, including uncertainty around climate change, population growth, infrastructure investment and the need to remove decades-old lead service lines buried in our community.

“Water is our most valued resource, not just at Denver Water, but among our customers as well. The campaign celebrates all that water brings to our lives as well as its vital role in Colorado’s unique lifestyle,” said Kathie Dudas, manager of brand and marketing at Denver Water.

The campaign’s main message is simple: Water is everything.

“It’s about elevating the value of water in our daily lives. Together, we all can help create a ripple effect that ensures our Colorado lifestyle continues for generations to come,” Dudas said.

“Life is better with water” will be a year-round campaign, in contrast to the “Use Only What You Need” campaign, which ramped up during the summers.

2 thoughts on “Life is better with water”

  1. What a waste of our funds, why is Denver Water advertising and spending lots of money on ad agencies and billboards? Let’s keep the cost of our water down, and eliminate Denver Water waste – no more billboards and expensive advertising campaigns are needed. It’s a city water service, there is no need to advertise to captive customers. Plus, the materials and high cost of these campaigns is part of the reason our water costs keep rising, let’s eliminate this waste and put the funds into the water plants, staff, and maintenance as it should be used.

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