Yes, your water utility is an Emmy-award winner!

Denver Water documentary, ‘Written in Water,’ wins regional award for best historical documentary.

August 15, 2019 | By: Cathy Proctor


“Game of Thrones,” “Saturday Night Live,” “Breaking Bad” — and now Denver Water — all have one thing in common.

Each has won an Emmy award, the highest honor recognizing excellence in television and emerging media.

Oh granted, there are a few differences.

The first three on the list won Primetime Emmys from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Multiple times over the years. Like 54 times for “Saturday Night Live,” and 38 times for “Game of Thrones.”

Those programs also haven’t won awards for innovative research or the work involved in delivering safe, clean drinking water to 1.4 million people.

But, we digress.

Last month, Denver Water and producer HaveyPro Cinema of Denver were honored with an Emmy award from the National Academy’s Heartland Chapter, which recognizes excellence in media programming produced in Colorado, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Kansas.

The award for best historical documentary was for the 52-minute film, “Written in Water: Reflections on a Century of Service,” created as part of Denver Water’s 100th anniversary celebration in 2018.

A gold statuette of a woman holding an atom, the symbol of the Emmy award.
The Emmy award for “Written in Water: Reflections on a Century of Service,” from the Heartland Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Photo credit: HaveyPro Cinema.


The award was announced July 20 at the Heartland Chapter’s gala ceremony in Denver.

The film opens with images of crystal-clear, splashing water and includes breathtaking aerial shots of iconic locations in the city, Denver Water’s reservoirs in the mountains and other parts of the system that brings water to customers.

The documentary looks at Denver’s historic relationship with water, how a reliable water supply enabled the Mile High City’s growth and Denver Water’s connection with people and communities across Colorado.

The story is told from the perspective of current and past board members, employees, environmental advocates and historians. You can watch the entire documentary at

“Denver Water has such a good story to tell, a story that so many people don’t know about. Honestly, it’s not surprising to me that the film won an Emmy award,” said Kathie Dudas, Denver Water’s brand and marketing manager.

“The employees and the people who built and operate Denver Water and the impact this organization has had on Colorado can’t be overstated,” she said.

For Jim Havey, the owner, producer and director of HaveyPro, and Nathan Church, the film’s editor, “Written in Water” was a chance to revisit themes probed in the company’s 2015 documentary “The Great Divide,” which explored the history and future of water in Colorado.

“The story of Denver Water, and the engineering, operations and people that make it work, is incredibly impressive. My team is thrilled with this recognition, which we share with everyone at Denver Water who worked with us on the film,” Havey said of winning the 2019 Emmy award.

The 2019 award is the third Emmy award that HaveyPro has received from the Heartland chapter. The company was honored with two awards in 2013 for a film about Colorado’s Capitol building titled “Centennial Statehouse: Colorado’s Greatest Treasure” and a 50th anniversary film for Broomfield called “Spirit of the American Dream.”

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