Happy Halloween!

Pumpkin-carving extraordinaire helps Denver Water celebrate its 100th anniversary — Halloween style.

October 29, 2018 | By: Cathy Proctor
This is what Kim Unger's 2018 pumpkin, celebrating Denver Water's 100th anniversary, looks like when lit from within.
Kim Unger’s 2018 pumpkin, celebrating Denver Water’s 100th anniversary.

Kim Unger takes her pumpkin carving seriously.

Unger, a communications specialist in the Public Affairs department, has carved Denver Water-themed pumpkins in celebration of Halloween over the last few years. Her designs have included a running toilet (a symbol of Denver Water’s efforts to curb water waste), logos and this year’s carving that celebrated our 100th anniversary.

“This year it took me more than three hours to carve the anniversary pumpkin,” Unger said.

The hardest part of this year’s effort was carving the dates, 1918 and 2018, because the numbers are only about an inch high, she said.

Kim Unger's running toilet pumpkin carving
Kim Unger’s running toilet pumpkin carving

Unger said she’s “notorious” in her family for carving complex images on pumpkins. One year, for her family, she spent nine hours carving a zombie that included bedraggled hair and a hand that appeared to reach out of the pumpkin shell when it was lit from within.

As for what to do with all those pumpkin guts, we put together a fun video on that subject a few years ago. We still laugh every time we watch it.


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