Tracing Denver’s water history

Interactive timeline travels back in time before Denver Water was even born 101 years ago.

July 11, 2018 | By: TAP Staff

In 1918, Denver residents voted to buy the Denver Union Water Company for $14 million, and Denver Water was born. A lot has changed in that time, except for one thing, providing high-quality and reliable drinking water to our customers.

The last 101 years have provided some impressive stories: A whole town built solely to clean Denver’s water, a monumental project to bring water over the Continental Divide, even a massive dam that required a community’s relocation.

Follow the timeline below to learn more about Denver Water’s remarkable history, from its first hand-dug ditches to a complex, revolutionary system that delivers safe, clean water to a quarter of all Coloradans.

If you’re not into fancy technology and interactive timelines, you can still catch some of our favorite Denver Water 100th Anniversary stories below:

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