Rules are made to be broken, except this one

Summer watering rules run from May 1 to Oct. 1 and promote healthy lawns  

April 30, 2018 | By: Kim Unger

I have always had a bit of a rebellious side. Tell me I can’t or shouldn’t do something? I just might test those boundaries and do it anyway.

When it comes to maintaining my lawn, however, there are some rules I just don’t mess with: Summer watering rules.

So why would I forego my urge to buck the system? It’s simple, really — I want a healthy, green lawn, and I want to save water too.

I don’t view the watering rules as a restriction, but merely a helpful guide to the best ways to water your lawn. This infographic breaks it all down.


2 thoughts on “Rules are made to be broken, except this one”

  1. Loved this article but what i liked the most was the fact that we are now able to capture rainwater in our yards. I always felt the restriction against this practice was unfair, i was unaware of the change. Thank you for the great article about the multifunctional “rain barrels” and thank you for brining the change to my attention.

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