Building a tank wall: Not just a concrete solution

Holding back 15 million gallons of water requires engineering design to make the structure stronger.

April 19, 2018 | By: TAP Staff
inside of tank wall at Hillcrest facility.
Beautiful April day at Denver Water’s Hillcrest facility where the walls of one of three new water tanks are being constructed.


Over the last few weeks, crews have been busy placing concrete walls for one of the three new treated water storage tanks being constructed at Denver Water’s Hillcrest facility.

But, it isn’t as simple as just building a frame and then pouring concrete. These walls have to be strong and durable enough to hold 15 million gallons of water for many decades into the future.

This is where structural engineering comes into play. Pictured above are the ducts that hold strands of steel wire twisted together into tendons. When pulled tight, these tendons will create the compression that will make the concrete tank walls stronger.

The three new underground reservoirs, which will all be completed by early 2020, are replacing two original tanks built at this location in the 1960s. Together, the new tanks will store one-quarter of Denver Water’s treated water.

Read more about the $100 million Hillcrest project underway in south Denver.

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