Survey says? You like us, but we aren’t perfect

92 percent of Denver Water’s customers are satisfied, but there is room for improvement.

September 7, 2017 | By: Ann Baker
A Denver Water construction site
A recent survey found that though customers think the street construction crews are professional and courteous, respondents are frustrated with disruptions caused by this work. Knowing that, Denver Water is taking steps to ease this burden on customers.

You continue to be satisfied with Denver Water, and you’d likely recommend us to a friend.

But you still have questions — and some complaints.

Those are the biggest lessons from a spring 2017 customer survey that Denver Water conducted to help understand and improve customers’ experience with us. We mailed 16,000 surveys and received 1,432 back, an industry-standard response rate.

Overall, 92 percent of people surveyed are satisfied with Denver Water, which is steady as compared to the previous survey in 2015. They’re satisfied with our services and believe we provide a valuable product for the rate paid. They believe we have a reliable source of supply and high-quality drinking water. And nine out of 10 customers regularly drink tap water instead of bottled water.

Yet the survey also gave us pause. Data suggest customers are a bit skeptical about the rate structure and water treatment process. They want more information about the regional effects of climate change on water supply and demand. And though they think crews that work in the streets are professional and courteous, they’re frustrated with the disruptions caused by pipe replacement, maintenance and emergency repairs.

We could do better. And we will.

Customer Care Representative Jose Valero Jr.
Customer Care Representative Jose Valero Jr., is one of many who answers customer calls on a daily basis. A recent survey showed 92 percent of customer are satisfied with Denver Water, which is steady compared to the previous survey in 2015.

“We owe it to our customers to make improvements and provide the best service possible,” said Lyndsay Schulz, the customer relations manager who oversaw the survey. “It’s the right thing to do.”

Survey respondents were given space to leave comments, and it was clear they had the crisis in Flint, Michigan, on their minds, leaving remarks about water quality worries and asking for more information about how water is treated in Denver. Several others mentioned rates, commenting that they’re confusing or too high.

In the coming weeks, Denver Water will assemble a team to comb through the results and decide how to take on the challenges — improving communication and education about rates, treatment processes and climate change, as well as helping street crews ease the burden of construction work.

“We’re customers too,” Schulz said. “We’re proud of what we do, but we know there is room for improvement.”

1 thought on “Survey says? You like us, but we aren’t perfect”

  1. We recently had to have our water line replaced from our house to the water gauge. We called a contractor as soon as we got your letter. The contractor came out the next day and explained what he had to do. Apparently he pulled a permit and the water and gas lines were marked. We were going to dig right into the gas line, so we called the contractor and explained the change of plans. A few days later a water company employee came out and turned off our water, fortunately I was there, changed my clothes, and went out to speak to him, as he was on the phone, in his truck. I told him that we had called someone and to please turn the water back on, which he gladly did. He also suggested that we find another contractor, however we had already signed a contract estimate. The letter and this fellow told me we had leaks in the toilets, and the faucets and that we needed to fix them. I did not say, but we have had a few leaks and this was nothing new, the main line had broken, probably due to the house shifting. When you notice a huge surge in water use, please think of main line breakage, not faucets. I called the contractor and told him what had happened, the crew was out in 5 days.

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