Six gallons per flush? That’s way too much

Area high schoolers team up with Denver Water and Denver Zoo to reduce water consumption at their schools.

March 2, 2017 | By: Travis Thompson
Presentation at South High School
Lindsay Weber, senior demand planner at Denver Water, quizzes Denver South High School students about where their water comes from during a Water and Sustainability program presentation on March 2, 2017.

Local students are taking a hands-on approach to learn about water issues and are using that knowledge to do something positive in their schools.

At Denver South High School, students are stepping away from the textbook and working directly with sustainability experts from Denver Water and Denver Zoo to learn about conservation measures and how they may take action to become more water efficient at home and school.

“It’s so amazing when you get to inspire students to a level where they really want to take action in their own worlds,” said Matt Bond, Denver Water youth education program manager. “The students really are empowered to apply their knowledge, be leaders and make change — real, meaningful change.”

The Water and Sustainability Program — now in its third year — started with a bang at Bear Creek High School.

“We’re the first school to go about this project,” said Bear Creek student Hunter Trujillo in 2015. “We’re kind of like the pioneers.”

The team of Bear Creek students reduced their school’s water consumption by 16 percent through water-efficient upgrades like switching out faucet aerators and showerheads. The class also identified larger water-saving opportunities that could save the school more than $30,000 in the future.

“The old part of the school was taking up about six-gallons per flush,” said Bear Creek student Jared Woodruff. “We knew we had to get on that immediately.”

Watch their journey, and see why these student’s chant “It’s all connected” when it comes to water in the West:

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