4 feet deep — and counting

Antero Reservoir already refilling with water; rehab project on track for late November 2017 completion.

May 9, 2016 | By: Katie Knoll
Crews work on final grading of Antero Dam in May 2016 following the installation of a new barrier wall inside the dam in 2015. Thanks to on-schedule construction timelines and a wet winter, the reservoir is expected to fill to a depth of 13 to 15 feet this year.

Last year, we emptied Antero Reservoir to clear the way for significant repairs to the 100-year-old dam. (Get the lowdown on the project by reading Draining Antero Reservoir: Where will all that water go?)

We’re happy to report that the project has persevered through harsh weather conditions and unpredictable construction timelines and remains on schedule. The current phase of the project — the installation of a barrier wall inside the dam — is on track to be completed by the end of this year, and construction of the new spillway will begin in 2017. Construction is scheduled to be completed in November 2017 — earlier than originally expected.

Thanks to the wet winter, we have good news for the fishing community. We have begun refilling the reservoir and already reached a depth of 4 feet. While we still won’t see a return to normal reservoir operations until late 2017 at the earliest, judging from our runoff predictions, we anticipate filling another 9 to 11 feet this year. Depending on snowpack conditions in 2017, Antero could reach its maximum level of 18 feet by next summer.

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