Denver Water: United in orange

And proud to be the official water provider of the Denver Broncos.

February 5, 2016 | By: Jimmy Luthye

Did you hear?

There’s some sort of Super Bowl thing happening this weekend. And rumor has it, your Denver Broncos have fought and clawed their way to America’s biggest game, featuring millions of dollars in advertising, one of the craziest media circuses on the planet, and a sure-to-be classic Coldplay/Beyonce/Bruno Mars concert at halftime. Because, why not?

We’re not claiming credit for the Broncos’ success, because that would be absurd. We are, however, proud to say our water consistently quenched the thirst of this phenomenal group of athletes on their way to the Super Bowl. Like Adam Sandler before us, we knew how important it was to keep them hydrated with that high-quality H2O.

They’re in the hands of the Bay Area, now. And with that, we have one simple request of the water providers in the area: If you can hear us, please take good care of our Broncos. Our beloved C.J. Anderson is one of your own, after all.

Back here at Denver Water, we are standing #UnitedInOrange in support of the Broncos run to Super Bowl 50.

And we’ll do our part: Here’s to hydrating hundreds of thousands of Broncos fans as they head out to a parade next week.


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