Water scores big for one Denver football team

George Washington High School football players say H2O is A-OK, better than sports drinks.

October 2, 2015 | By: Steve Snyder
A Patriot fills up his Denver Water bottle
A Patriot fills up his Denver Water bottle

George Washington High School’s football team requested water bottles because the players prefer drinking water to sports drinks.

When we got the call, we were happy to help — and not at all surprised.

The George Washington High School football coaches called us, looking for a donation of water bottles for the team. The main reason: Their players prefer drinking water instead of sports drinks.

Clearly the Denver Public Schools system is producing some outstanding scholar-athletes!

Of course, the core subject here is serious. Proper hydration for young athletes is critically important, and sports drinks can play a key, supplementary role. But given that water is our business, we are happy to hear when a team like the George Washington Patriots prefers our product to others on the market.

And that got us thinking about the ways that water is simply better than any sports drink. Here are a few:

Cost. This is the big one. If the GW football players drink 1,000 gallons of tap water this year, it would only cost the school about $3! Compare that to any name-brand sports drink. Just 1 gallon of a sports drink powder costs more than $2, while a gallon of sports drink concentrate costs $14. And you still have to add water to both! So for 1,000 gallons of the traditional, bottled, sports drink, you’re looking at about $4,000!!

The George Washington Patriots enjoy a water break during a timeout.
The George Washington Patriots enjoy a water break during a timeout.

Nutrition. This is pretty clear-cut, too. Water has zero calories, zero sugar and very low sodium. Sports drinks have more, particularly sugar.

Stickiness. If we are talking about football, getting a bucket of water dumped on you after a victory is much easier on your clothes, hair and skin than something like this.

Wagering. And speaking of sports drink baths, imagine how easy your friendly wager on the color of the winning Super Bowl coach’s post-game shower would be if water was the liquid of choice.

So drink up GW! Water is healthy, affordable and won’t stain your uniforms (although we hear it helps clean them pretty well).

And best of luck this season. Water can’t guarantee victory, but win or lose, we can guarantee you will look and feel better. Water is undefeated in that regard!

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