Time flies when you’re having fun

A look back at a Denver Water summer

September 30, 2015 | By: Jessica Kirk

Girl adds a post-it note to a water drop art piece
Adults and children contributed their passion for water to help us create Post-it art this summer.

Each year, we get dozens of requests to bring our water trailer — a 9,800-pound beast that carries 200 gallons of ice-cold drinking water — to events around the city.

This summer, we took our water-dispenser-on-wheels to 15 community events and served nearly 2,000 gallons of fresh tap water to more than 22,000 thirsty people.

We love the chance to attend these events and connect personally with our customers.

Because our conservation theme this year was “you can’t make this stuff, so please use only what you need,” we asked people visiting our booth to write about their personal connection to water on sticky notes, which we used to create Post-it art demonstrating the value of water.

Visitors responded with passion. We learned that while people value water differently (from drinking it to be healthy to being grateful it’s an essential ingredient of beer), each of us understands the vital role it plays in our daily lives.

Learn about scheduling the water trailer for your next community event.

See ya next summer!

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