What’s in the water?

Denver Water hosts information session about water fluoridation as board members look for guidance on future policy decisions

August 6, 2015 | By: Steve Snyder

Denver Water gets its water supply from the roaring runoff of the Rocky Mountains’ snowpack. It’s a great source of water — one where fluoride naturally occurs. In fact, Denver Water only supplements fluoride levels at its treatment plants when the natural concentration falls below the levels recommended by state and national health organizations.

Still, community water fluoridation has long been a contentious subject. With that in mind, Denver Water recently held a public fluoride information session, so its board members could hear the latest information about water fluoridation.

“We have heard a lot of public comment on fluoride recently,” Denver Water Commissioner Penfield Tate said. “We wanted to bring the proponents and the opponents together to hear their opinions, understand the latest science and gather all of the information to inform our policy deliberation.”

“We are just trying to educate people,” said Greg Gillette, a spokesman for We are Change Colorado, a group hoping to stop Denver Water from adding fluoride to water. “This should be a good debate. We hope everybody has an open mind.”

Speakers on both sides of the issues presented a wide range of information. And the takeaway for the commissioners?

“The takeaway is that people feel passionately about this,” Tate said. “Opinions also vary dramatically. The science appears to be consistent, but there is a dispute about how you interpret the data. We have a lot to consider.”

Board members will weigh all of the information presented and are expected to take action on the fluoride policy at their Aug. 26 board meeting. Public comments are still welcome on the subject until Aug. 12.

You can view the fluoride information session in its entirety here along with all of the speakers’ presentations.

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