Green with envy: The one step to help your yard look good all year.

May 27, 2015 | By: Kim Unger

Spring is in the air! Thanks to the recent rain, flowers are blooming, trees are swaying in the breeze and the grass is a fantastic shade of forest green. This gift from Mother Nature won’t last, but with one simple step, you can make sure your new sod and flowers do. Soil may not be first on your mind, but it holds the key to a good-looking, healthy yard.

Denver’s native soils are clay-like or sandy, meaning they don’t hold water well. The best thing you can do before planting or adding new sod is to amend your soil by adding compost. Incorporating plant-based compost into your soil before you start those landscape changes will have long-term benefits, including healthy plants and lower water use.

Need a little help getting started? This video will have you amending soil in no time.

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