Remaining ‘Nimbo’

Despite great late-season snowstorms, lagging reservoirs will need more moisture and low customer water use to recover.

May 20, 2013 | By: Travis Thompson

The National Weather Service Weather Forecast Office highlights the various classifications and roots for clouds. And, one in particular stands out to us:

Nimbo-: rain, precipitation.

Now that snow runoff season is well underway, we will continue to see the snowpack charts decline and the reservoir levels increase. But, we are always monitoring conditions, and even with the great late season snowstorms we’ll need conditions to continue working in our favor to help our lagging reservoirs recover.

Along with our reservoir contents chart, we’ve also included two new charts to replace the snowpack charts we’ve been displaying. These new charts show cumulative precipitation, measured above our diversion points, in both the South Platte River and Colorado River watersheds. These charts will continue to rise as the year goes on because every time it rains, it builds onto the previous recorded number.

We know that the soil is extremely dry in these areas and will soak up as much moisture as it needs. And, even though runoff will continue to flow into our reservoirs, we’ll need wetter than normal weather throughout June to help our water supply conditions get back to normal.

There are also many benefits to the rain in our service area. Every gallon of water saved by not watering the lawn is another gallon saved in our reservoirs.  Since the mandatory watering rules took place April 1, we’ve had enough snow or rain that there has been no need to water two days a week.

Although, the time will come when we are no longer under “Nimbo” and you’ll need to run your sprinklers. Before you do, read these blog posts for tips on the best practices to managing your lawn this summer: Your source for water-wise gardening inspiration, Watering an established lawn during a drought, Out of hibernation, It’s spring … but think before you water

ColPrecip_May20 (2) SPlattePrecip_May20

Contents_May20 (2)

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  1. Hopefully we get a wet June! The charts show progress in the last few months but we still have some catching up to do after this dry and warm winter. I haven’t turned on my sprinklers once…hope it continues. Bring on the rain!

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