Cheering for a thin blue line

Water planners are closely monitoring supply charts, hoping for continued improvements as we embark upon the hot summer months.

April 15, 2013 | By: Travis Thompson

There are many reasons to cheer for blue in Denver these days.

First, the ever-popular Blue Man Group returned to Denver this weekend. Second, the Denver Nuggets, sporting their white-and-blue uniforms won their 55th game of the season — a franchise record.

And today, Denver Water released its water watch report where we continue to root for the blue line that represents our current snowpack and reservoir conditions.

As of today, we would need 4 feet of snow in our mountain watersheds to get to a normal snowpack; however, even with a normal snowpack our reservoirs still would not completely fill this year. But, every little drop helps.

Droughts are unpredictable. We don’t know what is in store for us next winter, or even the winter after that. We’ll continue to manage our supply and demand in case these drought conditions carry over into the next few years. So, even if the next couple of weeks bring us to our average snowpack levels, we still expect to have the Stage 2 mandatory drought restrictions in place to save as much water as possible this summer.

As we embark upon the hot and dry summer months, help us cheer on the blue line by following the mandatory watering rules and Use Even Less.

Go blue!

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  1. Speaking of Blue, we’re hoping for fewer Blue skies the next few weeks as we head further into spring. We’d rather have Dark (rain clouds) over head more often the rest of April and in early May so our lawns and gardens will get what they need from Mother Nature! We like Denver Water, but getting some “free stuff” from Mother Nature would be even better so we all can use less! In the meantime, let’s all continue to conserve.

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